Invest In Tunisia

(1) Openness and proximity to major markets (4) A reliable and improving infrastructure
(2) A liberal and competitive economy (5) A favorable environment and numerous opportunities
(3) Skilled and competitive human resources

A favorable environment and numerous opportunities :

Simplified procedures:
Procedures to set up a company can be carried out at the “one stop shop” gathering all relevant departments at the Industrial Promotion Agency (API).

A system of incentives:
The investment incentives code grants many advantages:
Exemptions, investment premiums and State funding for certain expenditure linked to export promotion, regional and agricultural development, environmental protection, promotion of technology…

Personalized support:
The Ministry of International Cooperation and Foreign Investment and its Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA-Tunisia) offer advice, support, and assistance to foreign investors.

An attractive site:
The number of foreign investors has more than doubled over the past five years. The share of manufacturing industries has almost doubled in five years, from 18% in 1996 to 33% in 2001. France, Italy, Germany, and the Arab countries have been the main investors.

Evolution of foreign investments
In million dinars

More than 2300 foreign companies have chosen Tunisia.

In 2001, 100% of French companies established in Tunisia made profits and 77% of them intend to make further investments in the coming three years.
2002 Report of the Council of French Investors in Africa

A high standard of living conditions:
Tunisian cities offer many facilities for foreign residents:
High-end housing at reasonable costs, foreign schools,
High-level medical services, and a wide range of leisure
Activities thanks to extensive tourist infrastructure.

Many opportunities:
  • 159 units had been privatized as of the end of 2001.
  • The current program concerns 23 companies and privatization of the banking sector has begun.
  • A first concession contract has been signed for power generation. Other major initiatives are planned in energy, environment, port and airport infrastructure.
  • More than 2000 enterprises are participating in the upgrading program, which involves foreign partners to transfer know-how and to help with integration in their commercial networks.
  • Studies carried out by international renowned consulting firms have revealed a number of sectors in which Tunisia is competitive: car components, electronics, electrical products, computer services, packaging, agri-business, textiles, leather goods…

Unit production costs
In Euro

Cable Car seat covers Printed circuit Software development
Harnesses(2seat benches) cards(1m2) (1m/day of engineer)

France ______24.57____66.56____________156.58__________619.09
Spain _______18.05____63.57____________118.28__________412.85
Czech Rep.___9.05_____59.67____________76.79___________203.19
IDOM in collaboration with BUCK Consultants International, March 2002