Embassy's activities

Global Next Leaders Forum:

Photo: The Japan Times

The Embassy organized on Thursday 20 December, 2012, a reception for the participants of 2012 Tunisia International Conference of the Global Next Leaders Forum held in Tunisia from 2 to 8 October 2012.

The participating countries in this Forum are: Tunisia, Bulgaria, Egypt, India, Japan, South Africa, and Kyrgyzstan.

Otherwise, the Ambassador of Kenya and so many Japanese responsibles representing MOFA, Japan Foundation, Japan Foreign Trade Council Inc., Sumitomo Electric Industries, "Yomiuri Shimbun" and "The Japan Times" participated in the reception.

In his speech, the Ambassador of Tunisia welcomed the participants and highlighted the success of 2012 Tunisia International Conference of the Global Leaders Forum. He expressed his hope to expand this Forum which represents an important occasion to exchange views, experiences and knowledge between students.

Furthermore, the Ambassador received the report on the Global Next Leaders Forum 2012 Tunisia International Conference from the Chairman of the Forum.

Preparatory meeting towards the establishment of Japan-Africa Academic Network:

The Embassy participated in the preparatory meeting of December 4, 2012, to establish Academic Network between Japan and Africa.

The goal of the meeting is to establish a network of Japanese universities that are carrying out or are interested in their academic activities in African countries. The network, Japan-Africa Academic Network, aims to reinforce their cooperation, promote academic activities of Japanese universities in Africa and facilitate them to participate in contributing to development of Africa by cooperation on higher education, science and technology.

The Embassy hosted a reception for the participants in the preparatory meeting (6 December 2012) with the presence of Ambassadors of Algeria, Morocco, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and responsibles from MEXT, MOFA, JSPS, JICA, President of Carthage University, Dean of Faculty of Literature and Humanity Sciences, University Mohamed V (Morocco) and Japanese professors from Tsukuba University, Meiji University.

In his speech, the Ambassador of Tunisia emphasized the importance of the establishment of Japan-Africa Academic Network to reinforce the cooperation between Japan and Africa in science and technology sector with the perspective of the 5th TICAD Summit (Japan, 1-3 June 2013).

( Reference) University of Tsukuba

Antor Japan Workshop:

The Association of National Tourist Office Representatives in Japan organized the Travel Trade Workshop and Media workshop at the JATA Office on 3rd December 2012.
The tourism section of the Tunisian embassy participated in both workshops to promote Tunisia as an ideal touristic destination.
There were over fifteen national tourism organizations (NTO) to meet with Japanese travel members. Then each NTO, made a 10 minutes PowerPoint presentation to the members of the media.

Japanese Thanksgiving:

On the occasion of the Japanese "Thanksgiving", the Embassy participated in the reception and the agricultural products exhibition on Sunday, November 25, 2012.
This event represented an important occasion to showcase Tunisian products as olive, olive oil, Tunisian beverages, fruits,…
Otherwise, 20 countries participated in this event and Tunisia has been the only Arab country which took part in this event.

A Luncheon meeting hosted by Tunisian Ambassador
in honor of New Japanese Ambassador to Tunisia

November 8th 2012, H.E. Mr. Elyes Kasri held a luncheon meeting at his Residence to greet the new Japanese Ambassador to Tunisia, H.E. Mr. Junichi Takahara with parliamentary members and representatives from various fields. The discussion covered the future prospects for the Tunisian Japanese relations of friendship and cooperation within the context of the democratic transition and the wide ranging social and economic reforms being implemented in Tunisia.

A reception organized by the Embassy of Tunisia in honor of the Tunisian delegation participating in the annual meetings of the IMF and the WB

H.E.Mr. Elyes Kasri, Tunisian Ambassador (center), welcoming H.E. Mr. Riadh Bettaieb, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation (left), and H.E. Mr. Slim Besbes, Acting Minister of Finance (Right)

On the occasion of the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), a Tunisian delegation headed by Mr. Ridha Bettaieb, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, visited Tokyo from 9 to 15 October 2012, to take part in this event.
Tunisian Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Elyes Kasri, hosted a reception on October 10th 2012 in honor of the Tunisian delegation.
This event represented an opportunity to recall the political process in Tunisia, especially the drafting of the new Constitution and the holding of elections in the summer of 2013.
Minister Bettaieb also discussed about the high interest of the Tunisian side to promote the Japanese investments in Tunisia and create jobs for people in unemployment.

Charity reception for Ishinomaki City hosted by the Embassy of Tunisia and the International Aromanist Association

"East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction Aid Charity" took place on Thursday 27th September at the Tunisian Embassy, who cosponsored this event with International Aromanist Association. More than fifty members of IAA participated in this charity event. The total amount of the entrance fee was sent to the Mayor of Ishinomaki-city as a contribution to the reconstruction effort.
The charity began with greetings of Mrs. Monia KASRI, the spouse of the Tunisian Ambassador. She started talking about the history of the relationship between Tunisia and Ishinomaki-city, the story of the street with the Tunisian name, the embassy staffs contribution of food and collected donations right after March 11th earthquake. She said that she would like to continue this friendly relationship with Ishinomaki-city.
The Advisor at IAA, Mr. Kiyoshi YAMAOKA, made a greeting and was followed by the chairperson of IAA, Ms. Sonoko KHEMIRI. Afterward, Ms.Khemirie started the seminar by explaining the history of Aroma in Tunisia, flower blooming everywhere in Tunisia and how it is related to Aroma. It was fun to hear this presentation. After the end of the seminar, the participants moved to the Ambassador's residence, where a reception was held in honor of the participants.
There, Mrs. Khemiri presented their donation to the spouse of the Ambassador of Tunisia to be handed over to the City of Ishinomaki's officials. The chef of the embassy cooked Tunisian food and served Tunisian wine and a lot of participants enjoyed them.
The donation was sent to Mr. Hiroshi KAMEYAMA, Mayor of Ishinomaki City who sent an acknowledgement of the donation and a letter of thanks in which he expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Tunisia and to the International Aromanist Association for their kindness and the contribution delivered to Ishinomaki City.

Hannibal seminar held at the Embassy as an extension course of the Tokyo Metropolitan University

As an extension course of the Tokyo Metropolitan University, "An exercise to study strategic decision of great commander Hannibal by MM (Map and Maneuvers) " was held on Wednesday 26th September at the conference room of the Tunisian Embassy. 
This course usually takes place once a year by lecturer Professor Atsuyoshi OKUDE who studied the strategy of Hannibal fight in ancient war and published books about how we can apply his strategy in the present.
The course began with greetings from Tunisia Ambassador H.E. Mr. Elyes KASRI.
He said strategic decision of Tunisian great commander Hannibal was full of wisdom that can apply to the present. "All people who studied his strategy would make the best use of their work and expect to be energetic in their life ", he explained.
Then, Mr. Shizuo UMEMURA, an office manager in charge of the extension course of the Tokyo Metropolitan University, made remarks and a commemoration photography was taken with all the participants at the conference room.
After that, the embassy staff made presentations explaining Tunisian history, world heritage, and tourist resorts.
The second half of the course was a reception hosted by the Ambassador at the Ambassador's residence. Professor Okude, the participants and all the relevant personnel of the Tokyo Metropolitan University enjoyed the Tunisian food and wine.